For those of us with allergies, being free can be a daily struggle.

Brushing your teeth is a basic necessity, but for some of us it can be an endless stream of worry about the chemicals which can make us ill. Allergies, chemical sensitivities and concerns about exposing our bodies to toxins can cause a great deal of stress around this simple daily task.

After all, sublingual absorption is the fastest route to your bloodstream, so you could absorb more chemicals brushing your teeth than if you swallowed them whole.

We are on a mission to clean out the chemicals your body is exposed to just because you need to clean your mouth. Clean shouldn’t be mean, and we shouldn’t need to worry about exposing our bodies to harmful chemicals, whether we suffer from allergies/sensitivities or not.

alfree is made for people with aspirin or salicylate allergies, chemical sensitivities, mint allergies, diabetes and anyone wanting to reduce their chemical exposure.

alfree toothpastes are always salicylate free and free from artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. They’re also sugar free, mint free, fluoride free, SLS free and paraben free.